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Brooktrails Planning & Design

Faced with a 1988 challenge to its water rights by the State Water Resources Control Board based on questions about planning for future growth, the Township obtained special legislation to allow it to develop a new plan for the community working in conjunction with the County of Mendocino. (In 2006 that special provision became a part of the powers available to all Community Services Districts.) 

Today the Township jointly administers with the County the provisions of The Brooktrails Specific Plan and its 2004 Amendments.  Persons interested in building in Brooktrails should review the development standards and review process

One critical element of the planned growth in the Township is the construction of a second access road. In 2009 a presentation on the alternative routes was made. By 2013 it was clear that funding was not available for additional planning as can be seen from this 2013 Willits News article.


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