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Newest Pdf Presentations of Brooktrails Second Access Study by KOA Corporation
for upcoming meeting Sept. 22, 2009

Revised pages (i and 37) of the report. The importance of the revision is to clarify that two alternatives (Alternative I and Alternative B)
are being recommended for further analysis and development.

Prior to Rev (1) - 18 September 2009, Page i only cited Alternative I as the preferred alignment. (Bob Parker and KOA)

  1. Brooktrails Access Feasibility Study Rev.2 (10M)
  2. Revised pages (i and 37) of the report (htm). 9-18-09 or
    Direct Link to the PowerPoint Presentation.ppt File
  3. Appendix A Accident and Traffic Count Data (89kb)
  4. Appendix B Geologist Report (3M)
  5. Appendix C Preliminary Biological and Cultural Study (33M)
  6. Appendix E Public Meeting (87kb)
  7. Appendix F Public Comments (3M)

Notice:Some of these files will be in (PDF) format. For best viewing I recommend Firefox for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X in a variety of languages. You can get the latest version of Firefox here and a Firefox PDF viewer plug in here or download the free desktop ©Adobe Reader here.

Why a Second Access to Brooktrails Area is needed:

Brooktrails Township, a 5,800-acre subdivision northwest of Willits in central Mendocino County in California was initially established in the 1960's as Brooktrails Recreational Improvement District (BRID). The township is also known as the Brooktrails Community Services District (BCSD). The development was originally envisioned as a vacation community, which would have no more than 25% of the total population in residence at any given time. However, circumstances have changed and the township has transformed into a rural mountain subdivision but with only one paved access to the township - Sherwood Road. As a result of area's transformation, including further growth and development and increase in traffic flow, it became apparent that an additional access to the town ship must be pursued. A second access is also important to alleviate traffic congestion and having alternate access in case of emergency circumstances. The County, in cooperation with Brooktrails representatives, had studied various conceptual alignments for a second access since 1991. The current effort is continuation of past studies and is intended to determine, through a more rigorous study, the feasibility of second access to Brooktrails community. This second access is identified as a priority in Mendocino County Regional Transportation Plan.

In accordance to the Brooktrails Township CSD Specific Plan, the community envisions approximately 4,000 homes at buildout with a population of approximately 10,000 folks. Currently there are approximately 1,500 homes with a local population of approximately 4,000. This current population has approximately 8,000 vehicles a day traveling on a road designed for 2,500 vehicles per day. Sherwood Road is a two land road with two eleven feet lanes in each direction with no shoulder on either side. Sherwood is winding with grades at or above 10%. The posted speed limit varies but usually is 35 mph. At it's present conditions Sherwood does not have sufficient capacity to carry the number of current number of cars, much less the traffic that a population of 10,000 would generate.

Traffic Conditions recorded on June 4th and June 6th 2008 are as described below. The average daily traffic volume on Sherwood Road north of Crow Place is 576 vehicles per day in northbound and 582 cars in southbound directions. The section between Lupine Way and Birch Street carries about 2,354 vehicles per day on the northbound and 2,353 on the southbound directions; this indicates an increase of approximately 3,500 vehicles per day within this section of Sherwood Road, which presents the number of trips generated by Brooktrail residents along this section. The section between Birch Street and the City limit carries about 4,000 vehicles on the northbound and 3,990 vehicles on the southbound. The traffic volume increases by another 3,300 vehicle per day on Sherwood road south of Birch and the City limit.

Comparison of Traffic Volume on Sherwood Road between 1991 and 2008
Section on Sherwood
Count Date
Count Date
Change in Avg.
Daily traffic
% of change in Avg.
Daily traffic
North of Crow Place 1,030 1,158 +128 13%
Between Lupine
& Birch
2,290 4,706 +2,416 106%
South of Birch 6,190 7,990 +1,800 30%

The goal of the study is to recommend an alternative alignment that would reduce the number of vehicles on Sherwood and to provide for an efficient and safe traffic circulation for Brooktrails Township CSD.

Summary - Second Access Comments 7/28/2008

The Board unanimously favors Alignment I. This alternative would most effectively split Brooktrails traffic into two flows and therefore be the most useable. Its cost is reasonable and its connection point at Sherwood, along with the grade of the road, would make it a safe route. It would be a direct route and connect at an acceptable point with the Willits Bypass project.

The Directors did specify that considerations of fire trucks and equipment access at the steep grade connecting to the Bypass should be included throughout project planning and design.

The Board considers that Alignments C and G are not appropriate for consideration because they do not come in to the 101 Bypass project at a point designed by CalTrans to accommodate a second access road, because it requires a crossing within a very short distance of a railroad and would require a lighted intersection, making both alignments actually in conflict with the Bypass. It is possible the State would not issue a permit for either of these. Alignment H also presently terminates at a mobile home park; relocation of its residents would add hugely to the expense, so this alignment needs to be redesigned.

Director Orth asked that the future need for a third access road for Brooktrails be included in this feasibility study.

How to Respond:

Mendocino County welcomes comments on the
conceptual alignments developed for this project.

For a complete (pdf) Report by County Consultant here is the link Comment Meeting Documents

Please send written comments to:

Bob Parker
Assistant Director of Transportation
Mendocino County DOT
340 Lake Mendocino Drive
Ukiah, CA 95482

Or as an aternate you may enter your comments for each option in the Public Comments Form below, each conceptual alignment route has it's own page of comments. All comments will be considered in preparing the project feasibility study. Comments accepted through July 29, 2008.

Below are public comments corresponding alignment maps, other statistics, and general information. Please feel free to add your own comments by clicking the (Public Comments Form) link just below link descriptions.

Below are corresponding maps, other statistics, and general information.:

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