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Brooktrails Fire Department

About Brooktrails Fire Department

The Brooktrails Fire Department serves the communities of Brooktrails, Spring Creek, and Sylvandale. The Department also protects the surrounding areas in its sphere of influence. We are an ALL risk department providing basic life support, rescue services, and response to ALL fires.  We also provide mutual and automatic aid to the surrounding areas within Mendocino County.


Brooktrails is located northwest of Willits in northern Mendocino County. This area is set in a densley wooded intermix subdivision with approximately 1600 homes. Spring Creek and Sylvandale subdivisions border Brooktrails and have 100 homes in a heavy intermix forest setting. Brooktrails has an ISO rating of 4, while Spring Creek and Sylvandale have an ISO rating of 4X.


The Brooktrails Fire Department is staffed with a full-time Fire Chief, full-time Fire Prevention Officer, 11 Volunteer Firefighters, 6 of which are EMT's.


The Department's fleet consists of 2 Quick Attack Command Vehicles, a Utility Pick Up Truck, a Type I Interface/Rescue Engine, a Type II Interface Engine, a Rescue Squad, a Tactical WaterTender and an MCI Trailer.

Brooktrails Fire Department

24860 Birch Street, Willits CA 95490-9475
Phone: (707) 459-4441
Fax: (707) 459-1517

In Case of Emergency, Dial 911
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