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Water Conservation

With power outages expected during high heat and winds, we ask our customers to "Save Water when the Power Goes Out".  We rely on electricity to pumps that fill storage tanks for delivering water to customers.  When the power goes out, water conservation is key to providing water for up to several days on generator power. Please help yourself, your neighbors and the Township during outages by using less water until electricity is restored.


Every water customer is now subject to a 9,000 gallon-per-month water usage limit. You can read your own water meter to see how many cubic feet you use by following the water meter reading instructions at this web site.

Follow the easy tips on how to save water on the Save Our Water web page.

For specific recommendations for water saving possibilities for each room and plumbing fixture in your home, visit this California Urban Water Conservation Council website:





The Alliance for Water Efficiency has a website that offers extensive information on the efficient use and conservation of water including a use calculator:



Here are additional links to help you save water:





Rainwater & Graywater

Pools & Spas


California Urban Water Consevation Council
Home Water Works
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