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24850 Birch Street, Willits, CA 95490

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Board of Directors of Brooktrails Township Community Services District met in regular session April 11, 2006 at 7:00 p.m. at the Brooktrails Community Center.



Roll call showed the following Directors present: Williams, Ziady, Orth, Horrick and Skezas. Also present were General Manager Chapman and District Counsel Neary.



1. March 28, 2006. Director Ziady asked that on p. 3664, 2nd line of last paragraph, "fireplace" be changed to "wood stove." Director Orth moved to approve the minutes as corrected; Director Horrick seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

2. Fire Chief Daryl Schoeppner - Annual Fire Report. Chief Schoeppner reviewed the annual report by means of a Power Point display. He thanked the volunteer firefighters for their efforts and introduced Sarah Azovedo, the new office assistant. In review of the 215 incidents responded to during the year, he confirmed that Spring Creek had none. Additionally, the New Year's storm was responsible for 25 events alone. Abatement notices in 2005 totaled 1,033. To ensure compliance, notices were sent directly to the owner even if the owner said a contractor was taking care of it.

Chief Schoeppner thanked the Board for the air compressor purchase and described its benefits. He said he was aware of the budget and that the new computer recently acquired will allow production of a much improved run book. He then discussed a new $25,000.00 grant for training equipment, which will provide Firefighter 1 and 2 interactive certification programs; our cost share was 5%, or about $1,117.00. Grant notification should be in May. He commented that the new budget was providing for a three-quarter time office assistant, but he said that down the road, a full-time position needs to be looked at given the data tracking demands of the department.

Chief Schoeppner expressed pride in the CERT program. Bob Terry confirmed that ours is the first formal CERT group to graduate in the County, with about 16 graduates. Chief Schoeppner said this year's table top event on May 6 will be for Fire Department personnel and CERT personnel only.

Chief Schoeppner voiced concern about tree removals, in that neither he nor Capt. Noyer were arborists. He said he would like to see this task removed from the Fire Department. He also recommended that the old fire truck, worth about $12,500.00, be sold. He said he would like to advertise it through the Fire Chiefs Association, as we would need at least $40,000 in equipment to make the truck viable for us again. The Board advised to bring this item back later.

Director Orth asked what our total private property loss was; Chief Schoeppner said he did not know exactly what that is; he would have to go through the NFIRS reports.

Capt. Jon Noyer discussed the abatement program and the computer procedures used to manage and track this. Targets dates were based on need, time of year and weather factors. Chief Schoeppner said that the Fire Department uses the 100' CDF rule now and will change the road sign to read 100'. The Board thanked the Fire Chief and Fire Captain for attending the meeting.




3. Review of Accounts Payable report and authorization to issue checks. Director Orth moved to approve payment of the accounts; Director Horrick seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

4. Retroactive approval of purchase of Fire Department computer. Director Orth moved to approve payment of the checks; Director Ziady seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

5. Consideration of Rescue Chair purchase for Fire Department. General Manager Chapman discussed the chair and expressed his concern about preventing future injuries to firefighters. One such chair would be needed for each vehicle (one was scheduled for next year's budget). Chief Schoeppner explained we would be able to purchase a demonstration model for a good price, along with full warranty. Director Orth moved to approve the purchase of one emergency chair for the Fire Department at a price not to exceed $2,200.00. Director Horrick seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

6. Adopt Goals & Objectives for FY 2006-07. Director Orth said he would like to add the Lake Ada Rosa project and would like to defer adoption of the list. Director Orth said he wanted planning for reforestation of the Lake Emily watershed area (161-acre parcel) to be included in "Recreation" under "Greenbelt Stewardship Plan." Under "Planning," Director Orth asked District Counsel Neary about the District's planning power; Mr. Neary said this is still in dispute with LAFCO but he would say the District has that authority independently. Director Orth suggested that we go from a committee structure to an ad hoc Board committee structure for planning purposes rather than have a Specific Plan Committee, as he felt the Specific Plan Committee tended to get lost in preparing ordinances that the Board was not prepared to adopt. He suggested going to a quarterly meeting schedule except for monthly meetings during the year the update is actually done. He said the Board and the ad hoc committee could call upon staff for particular Board-assigned projects for the next five year cycle, everything from the second access road to the uphill ordinance. He said the committee has gone back and forth with the Committee on their ordinance issues and he felt the Board needed to take control, and that any one individual could walk in and take over the business of the committee. He said that developing a parking ordinance and developing a binding new building permit agreement should both be dropped from the goals. He asked for an agenda item on this proposal and said he would discuss this with the committee at their next meeting.

Director Ziady noticed a typographical error with a recreation item included under "Sewer System."

7. Receive draft Budget for FY 2006-07 and schedule public hearing for June 12, 2006. Director Orth moved to set a public hearing for June 12, 2006 for review of the draft FY 2006-07 budget; Director Horrick seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

8. Introduce draft resolution fixing Water Availability charge for FY 2006-07 and schedule public hearing for April 25, 2006. Director Orth moved to set a public hearing for April 25, 2006 for consideration of water availability charges; Director Horrick seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

9. Introduce draft ordinance fixing Sewer Standby charge for FY 2006-07 and schedule public hearing for April 25, 2006. Director Orth moved to introduce the ordinance, waive further reading, and set a public hearing for April 25, 2006 for the sewer standby charge adoption process; Director Horrick seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

10. A Resolution Approving and Adopting Addendum to Mitigated Negative Declaration - Wells Project; Approval of Well #4 Drilling and Estimate. Mr. Chapman recounted that dowser Doug Brown had dowsed five additional sites that needed to be included in the Negative Declaration by means of an Addendum. Also, permission was requested to hire Weeks Drilling to drill Well #4 at the Sherwood Quarry site; their estimate is for $21,254.00 for a maximum depth of 500 feet. Director Orth moved to approve the Alternative Sites Addendum to the Negative Declaration by means of Resolution 2006-10; Director Horrick seconded. Roll call vote was as follows:

AYES: Directors: Williams, Ziady, Orth, Horrick, Skezas
NOES: Directors: None
ABSENT: Directors: None

Director Orth said he wanted to make sure the authorization for drilling would not occur until after the CEQA challenge period had ended. General Manager Chapman advised that this addendum did not go through that process. Director Orth moved to authorize the General Manager to proceed with Well #4 for a cost not to exceed $22,000.00 from the Water Enterprise Fund. Director Horrick seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

11. Waiting List - Approval of Summary of Procedures and Information Sheet. General Manager Chapman said it was important that the waiting list procedure be posted on the website and available to the general public. Director Orth pointed out that the word "total" was included in error in "building permit" and suggested vertical lines separating the columns. He moved to approve the Summary of Approved Procedures for Waiting List and Waiting List Connections, and the Waiting List Information Sheet, and to direct that these procedures be in effect immediately for any waiting list applicants. Director Horrick seconded. Director Williams asked the General Manager if this matched what they had already agreed to; General Manager Chapman confirmed that it did, but that having the information in the newspaper had generated inquiries and we would need to have it in the office. Also it would be included in the newsletter coming up later on the agenda. The motion carried unanimously.

12. Consideration of topography elevation drawings surrounding Lake Emily (Vogel Engineering). General Manager Chapman said Mark Vogel had been asked to prepare a map of the 3' and 15' lines because there are two homes possibly affected. Director Orth moved to approve $12,000.00 in expense from the Water Enterprise Fund for a topography map of Lake Emily. Director Horrick seconded. Director Williams said it looked on the topo map attached as if the dam were being moved; General Manager Chapman said he did not know where Mr. Vogel got this map, but the dam was not being moved. Markings on the map were discussed as reflecting sewer lines. The motion carried unanimously.

13. Consideration of pass-through grant from County of Mendocino for Ohl Grove restroom construction; adoption of resolution. General Manager Chapman said that Supervisor Hal Wagenet had recently advised of the opportunity to add another $20,000.00 to the grant with which we acquired the Ohl Grove; our available funds will go from $48,000.00 to $68,000.00. The resolution was needed at the County the next morning. Director Orth moved to accept the pass-through funds of $20,000.00 and authorize the General Manager to enter into an amended contract with the State of California, and to thank our Supervisor for passing it through. He commented this was the first pass-through he'd seen from the County on recreation. Director Horrick seconded and the motion carried unanimously.

AYES: Directors: Williams, Ziady, Orth, Horrick, Skezas
NOES: Directors: None
ABSENT: Directors: None

14. Consideration of 2006 Newsletter. General Manager Chapman said he expected an answer to the unknown amount of connections the next day when Bruce Burton of DHS was scheduled to visit. Director Ziady said she felt the newsletter needed to be cleaned up; she felt it was repetitive. Director Orth said under Wells, we should add "at achieving commercial quantities of water" after the word "successful." Mr. Chapman confirmed we do use the water plant well's water in August. Director Williams commented on the figure of 3,000 for buildout on page 1 under Water Department; Mr. Chapman said we were trying to be honest with the public, and that we know at this point in time that we have changed our outlook from 2,600 to 3,000 because of the addition of raising Lake Ada Rose. Director Williams said his concern was the way the number was presented and he felt it should be explained more. Director Ziady suggested using the phrase "enough water for" rather than the word "buildout," and we might add that future boards would find additional ways to find water. President Skezas said he would wordsmith the newsletter at the office the next morning. Director Orth moved to approve the newsletter with that final signoff by the President. Director Orth commented that we learned at the ethics training that we can no longer have the President of the Board sign something like the newsletter, only the General Manager. Director Horrick seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

Director Orth asked to add the change of the Specific Plan Committee into an ad hoc committee.

Director Orth said he had attended a forum where a state agency representative involved with a fishery grant program had told him she was familiar with Brooktrails' projects and said we were well on the priority list for additional projects. If the bond is successful in November, he felt we would see some ability to apply for funds.

District Counsel: Counsel Neary said he had discussed with General Manager Chapman the question raised at the budget meeting about using the Water Capital Facility Fund for expansion for current customers, and there is no problem with doing this.

General Manager Chapman: Mr. Chapman said he had learned the Community Center had been closed down as a polling place by the County and that Brooktrails residents would have to vote in Willits this June because we weren't given enough notification to fix the defects. There was a problem with the amount of pressure needed to open the door and handicapped parking signage. We would need to replace the door with an ADA-compliant fixture, with the labor performed "in-house" -- at the same time the door frame must be upgraded and a header installed. He felt the cost would be about $1,000.00 for the door.


Director Orth moved to adjourn and President Skezas declared the meeting of April 11, 2006 closed at 8:27 p.m.


Secretary to the Board of Directors

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